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The Similarities between Cell Phones and Non-Lethal Weapons

Going back to the women at the Greenham Common Airbase for a moment, Mr. Philips claims they believe there was evidence of biological impact from these microwave weapons, which were being pulsed at the same frequency today's cell phones operate at. These effects included:

  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Ringing in the ears

Today, both the U.S. military and the UK military admit to having these types of non-lethal microwave weapons.

"The Pentagon has actually demonstrated the big ones mounted on Humvees," Philips says. "They can down somebody at like 1,000 meters. But at a lower power, closer by, it disrupts you; it disrupts your headspace."

According to Philips, the technology for these types of pulsed microwave weapons is very similar to that used for cell phone transmission. The pulse rate is different between the two, but it's still quite similar, particularly with the second generation GSM and the PCS cell phones, which are still widely used.

"Even if you have a third generation UMTS 3G phone, a lot of the time it reverts back to the old method because there is more base stations out there still to handle your call," Philips says. "Those pulse in a very similar way. They turn on and off in bursts right next to your head."

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