Real Living with Real Food- Locals Newsletter

Locals is happy to report that we are working with Thomas and Celina Tumbach from Local Motive Organic Delivery who run the healthy harvest blue box campaign here in the Okanagan. He distributes produce that is organic and naturally grown from our local farmers.


The theme for this year’s Calendar is "Real Living with Real Food" and we will feature all the farmers that supply to Local Motive. Beside the farmer’s feature pictures we will do our best to advertise which restaurants use their local produce.


Due to a growing concern about genetically modified foods we feel it is important to let everyone in our community know who supplies the Real Food and where to find them.

Locals Supporting Locals is growing quickly and there are a lot of new and exciting changes to come. We welcome anyone who would like to participate in helping grow Locals. On our wish list is someone who can help us with the website. Also, we are looking to promote individuals and groups that are uplifting our community.


Please feel free to contact Kevin at 250-770-9789 if you are interested.

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