Penticton Public Forum on the New Wireless Amr/ Smart Meter Video - Feb 22 , 2012

Penticton Public Forum on the New Wireless Amr/ Smart Meter Video - Feb 22 , 2012


This was a very informative session on these devices and we ask you to please view in it's entirety . (For those interested in skipping forward to the Presentation of the Opposing Panel on how it affects the Health & Safety please forward to the 35 minute mark). As pointed out by someone in the audience he was ready to leave after hearing from the City but was glad he stayed. The audience became very emotional on the health and safety of these devices. Please if you have any questions about follow up forums that will be put on by LSL on  this matter contact Kevin at 250-770-9789

We as citizens must follow up with the City to make sure they remove these meters both hydro and water meters. If we do not there is more wireless meters on the way such as;  gas , oil

Click on link below to upload video from the City

Please post comments below after viewing this video so we know how the community feels on this.

Download Video [712 MB]

after viewing this video you wish to know more about how to protect the meter you currently have until City has finished their review please scroll right to the bottom of page on the steps to take.

The City will continue to install the Amr Meters even though Kevin Proteau requested a halt be put on them until review was completed.

Contact Info for City

Penticton City Hall                                

Electric Utility

Eric Livolsi - Operations Manager/Electric Utility 250-490-2537 Email »
Ed Harris - Technologist 250-490-2534 Email »
Greg Miller - Foreman 250-490-2541 Email »
Kevin Davies - Meter Technician 250-490-2538 Email »
Krystie Johnston - Elect Utility Secretary 250-490-2539 Email »
Mitch Moroziuk - Director of Operations 250-490-2515 Email »

171 Main Street
Penticton, BC V2A 5A9

Phone: (250) 490-2400
Fax: (250) 490-2402

Scroll down for Meter Lock kit

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Amr / Smart Meter Action Kit - Meter Locks for Sale

Meter Locks sell for $25.00 Canadian

please contact - 250-770-9789


Meter Lock 1 small.jpg

Meter Lock 2 small.jpg  
Meter Lock 3 small.jpg

Place this letter at the entrances to your property as well as on your current Hydro Meter - pdf file is below picture



Private Prop.pdf
566K   View   Download   Private Prop.pdf


change information where applicable


January 14, 2012 

The Corporation of The City of Penticton

171 Main Street

Penticton, B.C. 

V2A 5A9 

Attention:  Electrical Department

                     Penticton Account #123456786 

Dear Sirs: 

I have reason to believe that you or an associated company contractor, acting on your behalf are about to change the electrical meter to a wireless type meter at the below listed address. 

This is a LEGAL NOTICE to you that you or your associates MUST NOT proceed with this exchange without the expressed written consent of the registered household owner. 

The current sealed meter located at this address is a Sangamo Co. Ltd. CJ35 7 011 054, showing the City of Penticton #6704, and I believe it is in good satisfactory working condition. 

I have reason to believe that your replacement wireless meters do not meet the Electrical Canadian Standards Act and that residents, residing in this residence, could be seriously harmed from the operation of these exchange meters. 

You or your associates MUST NOT TRESPASS on this noted PRIVATE PROPERTY without the expressed written consent from the registered household owner, except to collect the monthly data from the above listed meter, required for consumption billing as agreed in our contract. 

Please respond to me in writing within the next 10 days of the date of this letter and advise all parties associated with this, in regards to the electrical energy consumption at this address. 

Yours  truly 


1234 Paradise Avenue

Penticton , B.C.

V2A 6W9 

disclaimer - this is not legal advice