Fortis's Wireless Meter update Aug. 8
BC Hydro's highly-controversial smart-meter program is once again in the limelight after suspicions that a newly-installed smart meter may have been the cause of a house fire in Coquitlam early Sunday.
1)  Only one letter that we know of has been printed in response to the Van. Sun’s article re. smart meter fires. It is attached below. Isn’t this odd – a major topic that draws more than 400 comments on line, and only one printed letter? 
2)  One of the most important documents produced is the BioInitiative Report. It was written in response to the industry’s oft-repeated statement that there is no evidence of harm at levels below Safety Code 6’s, which was the same as most countries and international agencies. Many world renowned scientists knew this wasn’t true because they had done studies showing harm, so they joined together to review thousands of peer-reviewed reports. They found the best 2000, and summarized them in the Bio. Report. If anyone wishes to read the 400 page report, or even part of it, let me know. But here is a video which has some excellent information by Cindy Sage, who helped organize it.
3)  Still no confirmed information about the two fires on Sunday, but that is not unusual. We need people in the area to contact the families involved or the fire dept. to get as much info as possible. Comments continue to confirm that people do not trust these meters.
But we did get this on one of them:
Confirmation by fire chief of smart meter involvement in one of Sunday’s fire:

Smart meter at centre of investigation - Acting fire chief points to meter's base plate; BC Hydro said fire caused by an overload by Kendra Wong - Coquitlam Now - August 08, 2012:
- http://

4) More info. about Fortis’s plans. According to this article, “Cisco is one more big smart grid partner to watch. Cisco and Itron have integrated their technologies as an end-to-end smart meter and grid management network, all running on IPv6 compliant networks. The two are deploying about 2 million meters with big Canadian utility BC Hydro and just landed smaller neighbor FortisBC as a client.”

Duke’s $mart Meter Plans Include $43M for Itron - Could Duke Energy be lining up Itron as supplier for millions of smart meters yet to be deployed? by Jeff St. John - Greentech Media - August 06, 2012:
- http://
5)  In last night’s update I asked if everyone would write to the chief of your fire department about the problems associated with smart meters and their installations which are leading to fires. A list of every Fire Chief we’ve been able to find in BC, with their email addresses, will be maintained on both the CST and the Coalition websites. If you know of ones we’ve missed, please let me know.

Contact Your Fire Chief (B.C.):
-,56,2452  and
Contact Your Fire Chief:
“The flash mob in Ladysmith went very well today. I would say 99% of the people
I spoke to from BC. either were opposed to the smart meters, or felt betrayed as it
was put on their house before they had sufficient information to be able to refuse it.
They now want it removed. We had lot's of honking going on in little Downtown Ladysmith for the hour,
It was a great response!”

Sent by Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters