Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 7:00pm


Heartland Ranch
5983 hwy 33E
Kelowna, BC

Sacred Summer Vol.1

    • Thursday, June 28, 2012
    • 7:00pm
  • Heartland Ranch, 5983 hwy 33E. Kelowna BC
  • Launching conscious electronic dance music events in the Okanagan, One Big Tree presents Volume 1 of a series of events over the summer of 2012 at Heartland Ranch.Joining in from Vancouver BC will be SobeyOne of Tribal Harmonix/Green Samurai Clan & Nils of Beats Without Borders to combine forces with Kelowna's One Big Tree dj's/producer Toltek & C-Shift.

    Location: Heartland,5983 Highway 33 East

    7pm Welcoming Drum Circle


    Rediscovering Rites of Passage Through Dance Culture with Sobey Wing

    Rites of Passage are transitions that occur throughout our lives. By marking them consciously multiple benefits begin to happen in our lives and those around us. Find out how rites of passage have played a role in human history and what ways we can re-integrate them back into our societies to build a resilient foundation for the future. Find out how dance culture has been rediscovering rites of passage and examine ways to enhance them and integrate them more powerfully.

    Sobey Wing is co-founder of Tribal Harmonix, a dance culture catalyst for over a decade. He is an organizer of Earthdance Vancouver, annual winter Intention retreats, monthly Evolver Vancouver Spores, Entheos Conference, & a team leader with Sanctuary at Shambhala Festival. His journey in dance culture has been spreading globally and has kindled interest in rites of passage. In 2011 he was celebrant for several weddings that took place at Bass Coast,Shambhala Festival & Burning Man. He offers free consultations and ceremony rites by donation locally and remotely.

    Meditation followed by music by Dj SobeyOne, Nils, Toltek & C-Shift

    Advance tickets $10, $15 at the door.