Penticton City Council Meeting- Smart Meters- December 19 ,2011

My name is Kevin Proteau

                                               I am a concerned resident of Penticton. The reason for my concerns is in regards to the installation of Smart meters in Penticton. After speaking with my Mayor  ( Dan Ashton ) on November 21 , 2011 in regards to my concerns in regards to health and safety to the citizens of Penticton as well as agriculturaly I was assured that they would not be installing smart meters here in Penticton.

Dan Ashton assured me because he had attended the meeting of UBCM in Vancouver this summer where the issue of smart meters was brought to light and over 50% of the municipalities voting in favor of a moritourium. ( another words stop the installation until further proof has come forward to prove they are safe)

I was told Penticton owns their own utility here and we are not putting them in. I was instructed to meet with the Mayor on how to put fourth a delegation to present to the council. I also was told that because of  swaring ins for City council that the chance of being heard wouldn't happen till the New Year. I was ok with that because of Dan Ashton's confirmation of them not being installed.

Within a week and half after the council meeting I received a phone call asking me if I knew about  smart meters being installed here because a notice was given to a citizen here. My response was no , Dan said they were not being installed. I contacted Dan and mentioned the matter and he said he would look into it. He returned my call saying no they are not smart meters they are AMR's .automatic meter readers... I asked are they wireless , he said yes . I responded to him that if they are wireless then they are smart meters and we need to stop this immediately. He said he could not, because procedure does not allow him to do so, but he would have council discuss it  and present at the next council meeting.

I attended tonight 's meeting on December 19 , 2011 and waited for this to be put fourth and it was not on the agenda. I waited till the floor was open in order to address the issue and was told they are only taking questions that pertain to tonight's topics. 

I stepped up to the podium and Dan reiterated those same words letting me know that he knew why I was there and asked if I would wait and he would hear me at the next meeting and I would have a delegation. I responded No because this is a health and safety issue for the residents of Penticton and I need to speak. I continued by asking why 2/3 of Penticton now had smart meters and he said they were AMR's and he didn't have science to say different. I held up my evidence that is based on a very creditble person here in the Okanagan and said I do. I also instructed City Council that they have taken an oath to protect the health and safety of the citizens and that they need to put a halt to the installation of them .

They have all recieved a copy of the science backing every thing I said. I am to be heard on January 9, 2011 where I get 5 mintues to present my case.  In the documents given to the council and Mayor it gives the definition of "Due Dilligence " Every one is criminally negligent who in doing anything , or in omitting to do anything that it is his duty to do, shows wanton or reckless disregard for the lives or safety of other persons"

Dan asked me to wait till Jan 9 to speak my case and I requested he do the same in regards to the installation of the smart meters and his response was no, he could not .

They have all been served documentation and we wait for our council meetin for January 9 , 2011