Where you can pick up calendars 

WholeFood Markets - 1770 - #103 Main St, Penticton 

Wild Scallion Restaurant - 75 Front St, Penticton

Hooked on Books - 225 Main St, Penticton

Peaches Lingerie - 261 Main St, Penticton

Smart Shoppers - 232 Main, Penticton 

CrossFit Penticton - 756 Eckhardt Avenue -Penticton

TRUE GRAIN BREAD SUMMERLAND-10108 Main Street, Summerland

Summerland Food Emporium - Suite C-9901 Main St, Summerland,

Spud's Licensed Liquor Store - 6341 Main Street, Oliver B.C

Wander Cafe  - 103, 8309 Main St, Osoyoos, BC

JoJo's Cafe - 8316 Main Street, Osoyoos, 

Kelowna's Farmers Market Forbes Farm Table - Parkinson Rec Center - 1800 Parkinson Way, Kelowna

Locals Supporting Locals - Okanagan Chapter 

Advertising with a Purpose 


The Goal of Locals Supporting Locals : To form a Network that connects people in our Local communities ; local businesses, local citizens, local farmers. We at Locals would also like to form a network that spreads across our Province, our Country and North America. We would like to hold community meetings to keep everyone informed of current events and issues that effect all .When we have a connection between all in the community we can make informed decisions.


Locals Supporting Locals is a grassroots operation. Through our Annual Calendar, Locals Supporting Locals provides the opportunity for inexpensive and effective advertising, that will increase your operation’s visibility and presence in the community. We provide the medium that connects your operation to the people who want your products and services. Our web site will give a voice to local organizations and their activities.

The Locals Supporting Locals 2013 Calendar theme is ” Real Living with Real Food ” The main focus is on our ethical Local Farmers that grow Organic and Natural Produce here in the Okanagan region. The advertising throughout our Calendar is of our small, locally owned businesses in the South Okanagan.

We are looking for advertisers for our 2015 Events Calendar – space is limited 

First off all, we need to stress the importance of why supporting local farmers and local businesses is so important. After all – understanding the mechanics of the local economy is essential so that it helps you to make informed decisions on all the goods and services you purchase.

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